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Just to let some of you know that I will no longer be offering studio sessions.    Ive decided to just do location sessions from this point on.   I also have a really awesome theatre room now:)    Ill be changing my price list as well to reflect the changes.   Any questions about location sessions feel fee to email me and ask.


Imperial Magazine Cover

A recent session we shot is being featured on the cover of Imperial  Magazine.  This is actually my first cover and my second time being featured in Imperial.   The hair and wigs were designed by Matthew Tyldesley (who is currently up for NAHA stylist of the year!) and the makeup was done by Ashley Flora.   They both are currently styling hair at Hair by Charles and Co, located in east Louisville.   The models used were Lauren Lobue and Kayla Holts.  Everyone involved did a terrific job and Im very pleased with the result !




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Recently I was hired to do some head shots for a salon that will be opening its doors in Louisville very soon.      After the last session I wanted to do some head shots for fun with model Emma Noe.   Ive worked with Emma many times and she always does a great job for me.  Looking forward to this salon opening so I can share the work we did with Emma and a few more Louisville area models.



My first time being published…

Ive had my photographs used in a  couple of books and for a few ads, but this was the first time Ive had an editorial published.   Big deal to to some, not to others but Ill take it.    Special thanks to the model Lauren Lobue, who is always amazing and a total pro.   The hair and make up team which was Isidro Valencia, Ashley Flora, and Ana Perez.   We shot these at the Louisville Water Tower and it was very cold and windy, but everyone involved were total troopers.





Ive been wanting to get this kid in front of the camera for a while now.  At 2 years old she’s quite the handful, at the risk of offending all my past clients Im going to say she’s probably the cutest kid Ive photographed.    She never stopped moving the entire time, but we managed to sneak a few shots of her when she was distracted.  Looking forward to the next session with this kid.  Going to have to order new business cards now…..



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