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Ive had the chance to shoot Grady a few times and watch him grow.    This is from his first birthday session.



Ive worked with Maci a few times before and she’s always been great.   At 15 she’s  as talented and professional as models 10 years her senior.    Recently I was contracted to do some shots for a salon that will be opening soon, and they needed some models to show some head shots of their work.    Maci did an excellent job and afterwards we took some shots just for fun.     Maci is currently signed with Heyman Talent Agency of Louisville.




Ive been slacking on updating the bloggy blog, but I needed to get this up.  When we took these shots it was super cold.   I can’t say enough about Kelsy Hartnett being a trooper.   Everyone else had on jackets and gloves and all Kelsy had is what you see in the photos.   If your a photographer and looking for a model, I highly recommend working with Kelsy.    After freezing  her her to death we went back to the studio and knocked out a few shots with this cool vintage band leader coat that I recently got at an antique store.




Vintage Sessions ~

Over the past 5 weeks I have had the chance to do something I never really do and do a series of portraits with a common theme.  All the portraits were done with the same vintage feel and had to include an actual vintage prop.    The hair and make up was done by Ashley Flora.    Ashley brought a different assistant for each session and I think it helped give something different to each portrait and give each model a specific look while still staying in line with the theme. Special thanks to the models Lauren Lobue, Emma Noe, Maci Korfhage, and Karen Haviland.    These were a lot of fun to do and I look forward to working with everyone involved again in the near future on whatever else we come up with.    Now if YOU would like to see yourself in a similar portrait as shown below please contact me and we can schedule you for a session that will include hair and make up.



Special thanks to assistants Jessica Francis,  Noremi Smith, and Ana Catalina Perez.

Ethan ~

Here are some photos from Ethans 5th birthday photo shoot.   Ethan is a very entertaining kid and behaved as well as kids twice his age.     Kudos to his mother for letting him pick out some costumes to wear and keep his interest in the photo shoot.    Always like when that happens.    Also I have no Saturday sessions available until May.    I will be available for sessions all day Sunday, Monday, and Tuesdays, and will be available the rest of the week anytime after 5pm.


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